SME coordinator with expertise in medical device development and commercialisation


A Swiss university together with two SMEs is preparing a Eurostars proposal. The aim is to develop a medical device for the support of Autism therapy. The device will complement an already developed and widely adopted therapy. It will integrate different sensor and AI technology. To complete the consortium an R&D SME with expertise in medical device development, sensor development and integration and commercialisation is sought for a research cooperation.


The objective of the planned, multidisciplinary Eurostars project is the development of a new device to remotely collect, store and share data about health parameters from children with Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD) . Many parameters (e.g. ECG, and stress) can be easily measured and offer important information to the therapists. Complementary information, e.g. on medical treatments, could as well be added to increase the information available for the development of an AI algorithm that guides and supports the personalised therapy of children with ASD. - A similar device to support occupational therapists and psychologists with the therapy of children with ASD is not yet on the market. The acquired know-how in the complex research area will as well allow the partners to develop a new system for possible future applications in other health areas. The Swiss university, Swiss and Spanish SME forming the consortium have already gained expertise in similar projects. They have expertise in the field of:

  • Occupational therapy
  • ASD observation
  • Bio signal processing
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Machine learning applied to personalised medicine.
  • Transdisciplinary projects
  • Gamification
  • Mobile application development

The consortium is seeking a SME partner (R&D performing SME according to Eurostars guidelines) with expertise and interest in personalised medicine and medical devices. Furthermore, the partner should have proven experience in the field of certification, standardisation and commercialisation (EU region) of a medical device. Ideally the SME already has experience with ASD children or similar therapeutic areas (neuro developmental disorders) or a strong interest in this field. The consortium is looking for a partner interested in leading the project as coordinator.

The SME should have experience and capability to integrate electronic components (e.g. sensors) into a final product. Experience in sensor development (especially stress sensors, ECG, gaze sensors) could also be a plus for the project. 

The project duration will be 36 months. The project will be conducted in two parallel process.

  1. Development of the device (prototype)
  2. Continuous comparative validation in the field

The SME sought for a research cooperation agreement must come from a Eurostars member country. The will join a high quality consortium with an almost ready proposal. Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by R&D-performing SMEs.

The specific area of activity of the partner:

The consortium is looking for a partner with expertise in the development and commercialisation of a medical device. Experience in the field of ASD or other neuro developmental disorders would be a plus. To create an eligible consortium the partner must be an R&D-performing SME according to Eurostars guidelines. The tasks to be performed by the partners sought:

  • Joint development of the medical device, e.g. integration of electronic component into the
  • system.
  • Lead the development of a solid business model, with attentions to the requirements for certification and commercialization needs.
  • Coordination of the Eurostars 


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